Alcatel Lucent Features

You might be wondering about the communications in your newly set-up business, and it is a headache for you to sort out problems regarding solutions to the communication problem in your firm. All type of communications is it voice-mail, messages, emails, and phone-calls made within the firm are to be supported by a unified system.  This is where you need Alcatel-Lucent which is exactly meant to fulfil your needs.

Lucent features, as Business Phone Systems, is an integrated modular system which includes Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM), IP telephony, Internet access, e-mail and Local Area Network. It also features networking capability through Industry Standard Virtual Private Network (ISVPN), through IP over the Internet or through SIP. With Linux based systems, it is supported by all industry standards for Internet, voice and data communications. If you feel that your firm lacks IT, professionals, then there is no need to worry as Alcatel-Lucent devices are specifically designed for small enterprises who have inadequate professionals at their disposal.

The optimized devices with modular and scalable architecture ensure user-friendly interface for telephony, Internet access, E-mail and unified messaging through single management interface for all components. Alcatel Lucent feature also includes reduced costs which are meant to allow all firms, whether big or small enterprises, enjoy Alcatel-Lucent services for their communications. The costs are reduced by eliminating the components from multi-channel, and other vendors who not make the installation of these devices easier but also it makes the optimized shape of devices that can be placed in workplace anywhere.

Owing to their user-friendly interface option, this device ensures that all non-techy people can also use with the same ease as people with technical experience do. Another feature is the integration of device at all platforms because of its universality, and it supports all Industry standards.

Alcatel Lucent Handsets are designed to support all kind of communications with voice-mail, faxes, and messages that are most commonly used means in all the firms. Different models of handsets have different features that are designed to match the requirements of different customers. Alcatel 4019, 4029 and 4039 are different models which vary according to their requirements by the users. Alcatel 4019 is the simplest model which bears 1×20 Character LCD with a user-friendly interface, outstanding sound quality and speakers and all necessary keys are available on the headset. Alcatel 4029 is an advanced phone with additional features which include adjustable resolution of LCD, Headset jack, better sound quality speakers and alphabetic keyboard. Alcatel 4039 is the most advanced version of Alcatel Handset series with state-of-the-art features that include better resolution of LCD, better keyboard, and other features.

With all these features in different handsets, and matching your requirements, it is expected that you’ll prefer purchasing one of our handsets with outstanding features to fulfil your communication needs.

How the computer recyclers do it?

Collecting computers

After getting done with the setup the next thing that computer recyclers have to do is to collect the computers in bulk that will help them to get the enough of the recycled products. In this regard, they might take help from different platforms that provide them with a good quantity of the machines. On the other hand, the recycling companies throw offers to the people in general that will attract them to give away their waste machines.

Dividing up the sections

ewasteRecycling of computers cannot be done collectivity; every part of the computer is recycled separately and with a different procedure in order to get the exact excretion from it. So, at the recycling stations, the parts of the computers are divided into different sections and then go for the next processing. In this regard, the metal parts, plastic parts, processors, screens and other things are separated from each other as they are going to have their own specialities and will help the recyclers to have something good and exceptional out of them individually.

Processing the parts

At the specialised and specified machines, the parts are processed with different steps and procedures. At first, the parts are separated and then disabled according to their nature in order to get everything separated from the boards and the other machines. To treat everything there is a different section that is designed according to the nature of reactions. Every department governed by the professionals in order to maintain the equal standard and avoid any harm or misleading of the procedure. It is quite time taking and delicate procedure that is performed by the recyclers in order to provide the ultimate services to the people in general.

Why is Landfill not right to dump electronics?

If you have any waste and you are not having any proper method or source to dump it then landfill is the most appropriate method that accommodates you. It is a common practice that is followed by our ancestor from a long time and in many cases, it seems to be very effective. Such as in the matters of the organic material landfill is the amazing procedure that helps to increase the fertility and get maximum productivity from the land.

In the case of the electronic gadgets like computers, tablet, phones and other devices landfill is really not a good or appropriate option that you can use. By dumping the old electric devices into the land you are not going to either have a new model of these gadgets in return or will the land is ready to cultivate the electronic devices. These devices do have their own protocols and procedures that help you to get the best benefits out of them and dispose of them in a proper manner.

 It has something special inside

The electronic devices we use commonly such as the computers and mobile phones are not just the ordinary machines. In fact, inside these devices do have something amazing and exceptional that can be really useful for you to have the ultimate outcomes. A number of precious metals and other materials are used to manufacture the parts inside such as the processor, motherboard and other chips used in these devices. On recycling of these parts, all the minerals can be recovered and used once again.

Secure environment

Other than the mineral or metals these devices do have some of the chemicals and charges in them. If you just throw the machine anywhere then it will be dangerous for the environment as the chemicals inside can affect the surroundings. Mostly the phone and laptop batteries carry the chemicals that can leak out or in fact get burst due to being overheated by the sunlight and other heat sources. This can lead to the massive destruction and other damages to the environment on basic grounds.

Avoid hazards

All the electronic devices contain the electric wires and other circuits that could have some kind of charge and reactions in general. Dumping the machines and devices freely in the trash cans and landfill will increase the toxicities and hazards to the environment and natural life as well. In this regard, the most important thing is to consider the appropriate method to dump such kind of devices or materials.

Recycling is best

There is nothing in the devices and electronics that cannot be reused after processing. The professionals know how to use the waste of these devices and incorporate the best and effective materials out of them. All you need is to locate a computer recycling Melbourne for such devices that are certified and dump the scrap over there. You can simply get a good return of the scrap and also will help the environment to be safe and clean.

GPS for Pets – Some of the options

It is a common concept that wearable technology is just for humans but now, your pets can also be secured with the latest gadgets. Obviously, it is ridiculous to even think about a pug gaming on Oculus Rift or a cat with an Apple Watch but not about if we talk regarding best pets GPS locator device and smart dog collars, available in the market.

There are increasing numbers of companies, working on crafting wearable devices just for animals, either to monitor their health or to monitor their tracking via GPS when they are on their prowl time.

Following is the list of some of the best pet wearable:


Boasting the proper wearable technology, Whistle is the new gadget from the designers of Fit Bit Flex from New Deal Design. It is a tracking GPS device and a pet wellness monitor, clipped in one collar of more than 1-inch-wide, connected to a smart phone app, to keep tabs on your pooch’s step goal. With the help of this device, you can get the real time location of your pet and you can also geo fence the area and receive an alert if you pet moves out of that zone.


Essentially for dogs, this device boasts an entire year of better life for keeping tabs on your dog’s movement 24/7 hours a day. Along with this, it also ensures that your dog is getting enough exercise and warns you, of any changes in your dog’s active behavior, which can be an indicator that they are feeling under the weather. More importantly, this device is fully water proof and compatible with both androids, as well as iOS.

TabCat by Loc8tor 

TabCat is GPS tracking device, designed to clip kitty’s collars and help you to find them if they get lost. Unlike other tracking devices, TabCat comes with RF receiver, which displays a nearby signal on a strip of LED’s and causes a sensor to beep, guiding you to your cat.

Kyon Pet Tracker

Presented in a variation of different colors, Kyon’s sophisticated pet collar is like Fitbit for your animal. Kyon pet is a smart pet collar with various attractive features including variety of different colors, fully water proof device, in built GPS and 3G radios, water sensors (to alert you if pet is in danger of drowning), heat sensors (to give alert on your phone if you have forgotten your pet in hot car), accelerometer and altimeter (if your pet is unusually sedated) and ultrasonic buzzer (to prevent unnecessary dog fights).


Accessible in altered sizes up to a 32-inch neck, this waterproof friendly collar is designed to keep you attached to your dog. Beside with activity tracking, the device will monitor respiratory and heart rate, as well as relaxation patterns and calories, burnt. As Voyce becomes accustomed to your dog’s stats, it will start to present tips tailored to its precise needs. You also set aims, such as additional activity to burn off those extra doggie pounds. He will express gratitude to you for it in the end.

Fantastic UI / UX design is ease to access the most significant content quickly

There are numerous distinct ways designers may keep users at the middle of the development process to be able to create useful and usable products. It isn’t surprising to know that individuals tend to become emotional about a specific design. A fantastic UI design is one which makes it simple for users to access the most significant content quickly and effortlessly. In the digital world, well-executed design may not ever be the predominant characteristic of a website, app, or part of software. Simply put, an excellent user interface design is one which helps users accomplish any task in the most effective way possible.

The designer is among the most essential people on your team, and needs to be treated as such. Being a real UI designer means staying updated on the newest design trends and changes in the business. The most significant thing I’ve learned to be a wonderful UI designer is build a deep comprehension of the customer.

Interfaces aren’t monuments unto themselves. Instead build in help where it’s neededjust make certain it is out of the method of individuals who already understand how to utilize your interface. The very best interface is none whatsoever, if we are ready to directly manipulate the bodily objects in our world.

10 Practical UX Design Tips in Web Design


There are countless ways to enhance user satisfaction on your website. Each page element has the potential to deliver comfortable interaction experience but only when designed properly. Similar to designing products to consumers, UX designers are offering user-friendliness. It also means they have to stand in users’ shoes to really understand the demands. Here are some practical tips on how to make every element on the website enjoyable for user.


  1. Content: the most informative parts of any website are its contents. Use obvious terms to explain everything. Key information should be the priority and placed in noticeable part of the page.
  1. Navigation: avoid having navigational hierarchy of 4 levels deep; 3 levels are accepted but avoid it when you can. Sticky menus are best for both short and long pages, ensuring quick access. The tricky part is to not make the menus distracting, but it is not impossible. Login and search should always present.
  1. Search: top right corner is the most acceptable location to access search feature. In mobile website, use an icon to save space. In the desktop version, search bar is recommended because it allows user to see the entire query.
  1. Flow: everybody wants to be a creative website designer, but users want familiar designs so they don’t have to learn something new. Every page should lead to another, and you cannot afford to have dead-end page.
  1. Contrast & Color: some of your users are probably colorblind, so pick the colors carefully. Also, blue color is preserved for links only. Contrast is good, but you have to think about mobile users who probably have issues with screen glare.
  2. Scrolling: as long as the webpage provides relevant information, users do not mind to scroll, but avoid having too many long pages. Make clear indications on the direction of scrolling and what users can expect in the next page. Let us not forget that scrolling is easier than clicking “Next”.
  1. Loading: texts should appear first before images and other elements. To make your website feel faster, use animation or skeleton of website elements when loading.
  1. Readability: use consistent font styles. Some people scan and read later, so make sure you include visual variety in few places on the text. Avoid using capital locks because they are actually more difficult to read.
  1. Help & Hints: offer FAQ when appropriate. Contents on web page should be short, but you can make use of accordion design to compress long pages or instructions.
  1. Mobile: when contents and elements are packed together too closely, mobile users have difficulties to navigate. Please put in mind the thumb placements when you are reading on tablet or phones; these are where menu buttons should be. Last but not least, do not ask users to use double-tap for anything.

UI Design Trends 2016

One of the best things about UI is the absence of complacent. People who special in this particular field of works are never satisfied with the most recent accomplishment and they are in constant quest for improvements. Over the last few years, UI design has undergone massive developments from simple interactivity with keyboard and mouse to the impressive voice-activated functionalities such as in smart home or smartphones. These great inventions in UI design will continue to move forward in 2016. We still cannot predict the future, but there are some signs that the following UI trends will take a massive progress in 2016.


Minority Report is Old

Gesture-based interactions as demonstrated by To Cruise on Minority Report was seen as future, but that was years ago. Interface models by gestures will still be used in many instances, but they are now considered part of the existing technologies that require major improvements. Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are way ahead now by bringing voice-activated functionalities. We can now have voice-activated portable car GPS.


Design before Coding

Gone are the days when creating full-blown apps is privilege for those with above-average coding skills. There have been some online tools with which even the most tech-ignorant people can create fully featured and functional apps without using any coding language at all. In the past few years, such tools are still in early development, but more of them are coming with better yet simplified features everybody can use. It means that designing skills and the ability to create visually appealing apps is going take over the crown of the user-interface kingdom. You can expect that more companies from all business categories will start offering design training instead of UX courses.


More Focused Apps

Facebook Messenger is one of the first apps to deliver feature redundancy. Instead of improving the original Facebook app to deliver more user-friendly interface, Facebook came up with stand-alone application that gives only messaging function. The 2016 will be mark the era where there is an app for everything, and an all-in-one app is coming to an end.


If it will make my life easier, I want the world to know about me

That is very strong statement that brings the idea of privacy breach, yet it delivers promising improvement for UI design realm. Applications that analyse user behavior can give automated personalisation, eliminating the hassles of configuring many parameters on users’ part. Smart home thermostat and fitness wristband are prominent examples of this trend. The former can adjust the temperature of your house based on your routine schedule, while the latter adjusts the step count goals based on yesterday’s achievements. This trend will accelerate in 2016, and users will no longer need to provide a good deal personal information to get personalised features.


Understanding the Difference between UX and UI in Web Design


The term “web design” has been used for too many times to the point where everybody thinks that they have completely understood what it actually means. Web designer is often regarded as a profession that deals with how a website looks and feels, and that’s about it. In reality, website designer profession is divided into two major categories: UX (User Experience) designer to handle how the entire product feels and UI (User Interface) designer who mainly concerns about how the products look or are laid out to users/customers.


User Experience is a particular area where a designer works to improve the overall experience that users/customers have with a company as well as its products and services. When used in the context of website development, UX designers are responsible for numerous aspects of a website including but not limited to software that runs behind the website, contents, website structure, payment gateways, and communication protocols. In many cases, the job description of a UX designer also includes interaction between products and end users. Good and enjoyable experiences mean better customers’ satisfaction.


Many people consider this the more conventional part of website designing concept. While UX is mainly about how the products feel, UI handles how everything is laid out or presented to the end users. User Interface is all about aesthetics. The primary job of UI designer is to ensure easy access for end users to get the good-experiences created by UX. As previously mentioned, there are many different aspects within the notion of user experience. However, all aspects must be laid-out in cohesive style design language that allows end users to take practical advantage of those aspects; this is where UI designer comes in.

If a website or product has great looks but difficult to use, there is good UI yet bad UX. When something is very easily usable but the appearance is not visually appealing, it is an example of bad UI yet great UX. Each profession has different responsibilities, but many parts of the jobs are overlapping because they have the same purposes:

  • Improving customers’ satisfactions from website features and how the features are presented
  • Providing the best possible interactions between users and website
  • UX and UI are not exclusive to website design only, but they can be applied to all products

There is no clear boundary to separate one from the other. Both are crucial parts of website development, and it is simply easier to combine them as a single role, cal

UX Visual Design Tips for Beginners

There is no clear distinction between UX and UI designers. In many cases, they overlap each other and cannot be separated indeed. However, it is safe to say that UX design is much more technical and it handles many aspects beyond the border of cosmetic treatments on a website. Instead of thinking about how the buttons will look, a UX designer thinks about what comes out when the button is clicked. That said, creating aesthetically pleasant website is part of UX designer’s responsibility. Here are some tips to help you cover both functionality and beauty within the realm of UX.


Single Control Set

For the more advanced and experienced designer, using both custom and native control sets is likely possible without reducing the sense of consistency throughout the website. Mixing themes and interaction patterns can be very challenging tasks, so it is best to use a single control set only to minimize possibility of mistakes. It is always advisable to use native set, but you can use either native or custom as long as you don’t mix each other.


Design Patterns

The main idea behind using design patterns is users’ tendency to group page elements based on shape, color, and structure. One of the easiest examples is a photo folder that has a cover to represent the contents. If the photos are filled with animals, the cover is used as representative. The same thing applies to UX design; when user sees many objects with similar elements, they’ll be able to recognize them easier. Such method allows users to organize page elements in an instant.


To make it even easier for users, you can use contrasting design. Font styles, colors, borders, and all other elements should allow for categorization. Think of it as red button for next page, while blue button for the previous one. Contrasting design gives inescapable hints on how to access different set of features and functionalities. To maintain healthy contrast on a screen or page, use subtle lines to show connections between components. When grouping between components are too obvious, the contrast can be distracting, which leads to uncomfortable experience. Subtle lines help to highlight connections in more understated yet obvious way.


Balancing functionality and aesthetics

UX designers make sure that all features and components exist on the page. Their job is to enhance website functionality to improve user’s experience. Regardless of how complex a website is or how diverse the features are, all the works are rendered useless if users cannot make sense of your design. If in doubt, always work with or consult User Interface designers to create balance between usability and beauty.