Alcatel Lucent Features

You might be wondering about the communications in your newly set-up business, and it is a headache for you to sort out problems regarding solutions to the communication problem in your firm. All type of communications is it voice-mail, messages, emails, and phone-calls made within the firm are to be supported by a unified system.  This is where you need Alcatel-Lucent which is exactly meant to fulfil your needs.

Lucent features, as Business Phone Systems, is an integrated modular system which includes Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM), IP telephony, Internet access, e-mail and Local Area Network. It also features networking capability through Industry Standard Virtual Private Network (ISVPN), through IP over the Internet or through SIP. With Linux based systems, it is supported by all industry standards for Internet, voice and data communications. If you feel that your firm lacks IT, professionals, then there is no need to worry as Alcatel-Lucent devices are specifically designed for small enterprises who have inadequate professionals at their disposal.

The optimized devices with modular and scalable architecture ensure user-friendly interface for telephony, Internet access, E-mail and unified messaging through single management interface for all components. Alcatel Lucent feature also includes reduced costs which are meant to allow all firms, whether big or small enterprises, enjoy Alcatel-Lucent services for their communications. The costs are reduced by eliminating the components from multi-channel, and other vendors who not make the installation of these devices easier but also it makes the optimized shape of devices that can be placed in workplace anywhere.

Owing to their user-friendly interface option, this device ensures that all non-techy people can also use with the same ease as people with technical experience do. Another feature is the integration of device at all platforms because of its universality, and it supports all Industry standards.

Alcatel Lucent Handsets are designed to support all kind of communications with voice-mail, faxes, and messages that are most commonly used means in all the firms. Different models of handsets have different features that are designed to match the requirements of different customers. Alcatel 4019, 4029 and 4039 are different models which vary according to their requirements by the users. Alcatel 4019 is the simplest model which bears 1×20 Character LCD with a user-friendly interface, outstanding sound quality and speakers and all necessary keys are available on the headset. Alcatel 4029 is an advanced phone with additional features which include adjustable resolution of LCD, Headset jack, better sound quality speakers and alphabetic keyboard. Alcatel 4039 is the most advanced version of Alcatel Handset series with state-of-the-art features that include better resolution of LCD, better keyboard, and other features.

With all these features in different handsets, and matching your requirements, it is expected that you’ll prefer purchasing one of our handsets with outstanding features to fulfil your communication needs.

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