GPS for Pets – Some of the options

It is a common concept that wearable technology is just for humans but now, your pets can also be secured with the latest gadgets. Obviously, it is ridiculous to even think about a pug gaming on Oculus Rift or a cat with an Apple Watch but not about if we talk regarding best pets GPS locator device and smart dog collars, available in the market.

There are increasing numbers of companies, working on crafting wearable devices just for animals, either to monitor their health or to monitor their tracking via GPS when they are on their prowl time.

Following is the list of some of the best pet wearable:


Boasting the proper wearable technology, Whistle is the new gadget from the designers of Fit Bit Flex from New Deal Design. It is a tracking GPS device and a pet wellness monitor, clipped in one collar of more than 1-inch-wide, connected to a smart phone app, to keep tabs on your pooch’s step goal. With the help of this device, you can get the real time location of your pet and you can also geo fence the area and receive an alert if you pet moves out of that zone.


Essentially for dogs, this device boasts an entire year of better life for keeping tabs on your dog’s movement 24/7 hours a day. Along with this, it also ensures that your dog is getting enough exercise and warns you, of any changes in your dog’s active behavior, which can be an indicator that they are feeling under the weather. More importantly, this device is fully water proof and compatible with both androids, as well as iOS.

TabCat by Loc8tor 

TabCat is GPS tracking device, designed to clip kitty’s collars and help you to find them if they get lost. Unlike other tracking devices, TabCat comes with RF receiver, which displays a nearby signal on a strip of LED’s and causes a sensor to beep, guiding you to your cat.

Kyon Pet Tracker

Presented in a variation of different colors, Kyon’s sophisticated pet collar is like Fitbit for your animal. Kyon pet is a smart pet collar with various attractive features including variety of different colors, fully water proof device, in built GPS and 3G radios, water sensors (to alert you if pet is in danger of drowning), heat sensors (to give alert on your phone if you have forgotten your pet in hot car), accelerometer and altimeter (if your pet is unusually sedated) and ultrasonic buzzer (to prevent unnecessary dog fights).


Accessible in altered sizes up to a 32-inch neck, this waterproof friendly collar is designed to keep you attached to your dog. Beside with activity tracking, the device will monitor respiratory and heart rate, as well as relaxation patterns and calories, burnt. As Voyce becomes accustomed to your dog’s stats, it will start to present tips tailored to its precise needs. You also set aims, such as additional activity to burn off those extra doggie pounds. He will express gratitude to you for it in the end.

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