UI Design Trends 2016

One of the best things about UI is the absence of complacent. People who special in this particular field of works are never satisfied with the most recent accomplishment and they are in constant quest for improvements. Over the last few years, UI design has undergone massive developments from simple interactivity with keyboard and mouse to the impressive voice-activated functionalities such as in smart home or smartphones. These great inventions in UI design will continue to move forward in 2016. We still cannot predict the future, but there are some signs that the following UI trends will take a massive progress in 2016.


Minority Report is Old

Gesture-based interactions as demonstrated by To Cruise on Minority Report was seen as future, but that was years ago. Interface models by gestures will still be used in many instances, but they are now considered part of the existing technologies that require major improvements. Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are way ahead now by bringing voice-activated functionalities. We can now have voice-activated portable car GPS.


Design before Coding

Gone are the days when creating full-blown apps is privilege for those with above-average coding skills. There have been some online tools with which even the most tech-ignorant people can create fully featured and functional apps without using any coding language at all. In the past few years, such tools are still in early development, but more of them are coming with better yet simplified features everybody can use. It means that designing skills and the ability to create visually appealing apps is going take over the crown of the user-interface kingdom. You can expect that more companies from all business categories will start offering design training instead of UX courses.


More Focused Apps

Facebook Messenger is one of the first apps to deliver feature redundancy. Instead of improving the original Facebook app to deliver more user-friendly interface, Facebook came up with stand-alone application that gives only messaging function. The 2016 will be mark the era where there is an app for everything, and an all-in-one app is coming to an end.


If it will make my life easier, I want the world to know about me

That is very strong statement that brings the idea of privacy breach, yet it delivers promising improvement for UI design realm. Applications that analyse user behavior can give automated personalisation, eliminating the hassles of configuring many parameters on users’ part. Smart home thermostat and fitness wristband are prominent examples of this trend. The former can adjust the temperature of your house based on your routine schedule, while the latter adjusts the step count goals based on yesterday’s achievements. This trend will accelerate in 2016, and users will no longer need to provide a good deal personal information to get personalised features.


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