Understanding the Difference between UX and UI in Web Design


The term “web design” has been used for too many times to the point where everybody thinks that they have completely understood what it actually means. Web designer is often regarded as a profession that deals with how a website looks and feels, and that’s about it. In reality, website designer profession is divided into two major categories: UX (User Experience) designer to handle how the entire product feels and UI (User Interface) designer who mainly concerns about how the products look or are laid out to users/customers.


User Experience is a particular area where a designer works to improve the overall experience that users/customers have with a company as well as its products and services. When used in the context of website development, UX designers are responsible for numerous aspects of a website including but not limited to software that runs behind the website, contents, website structure, payment gateways, and communication protocols. In many cases, the job description of a UX designer also includes interaction between products and end users. Good and enjoyable experiences mean better customers’ satisfaction.


Many people consider this the more conventional part of website designing concept. While UX is mainly about how the products feel, UI handles how everything is laid out or presented to the end users. User Interface is all about aesthetics. The primary job of UI designer is to ensure easy access for end users to get the good-experiences created by UX. As previously mentioned, there are many different aspects within the notion of user experience. However, all aspects must be laid-out in cohesive style design language that allows end users to take practical advantage of those aspects; this is where UI designer comes in.

If a website or product has great looks but difficult to use, there is good UI yet bad UX. When something is very easily usable but the appearance is not visually appealing, it is an example of bad UI yet great UX. Each profession has different responsibilities, but many parts of the jobs are overlapping because they have the same purposes:

  • Improving customers’ satisfactions from website features and how the features are presented
  • Providing the best possible interactions between users and website
  • UX and UI are not exclusive to website design only, but they can be applied to all products

There is no clear boundary to separate one from the other. Both are crucial parts of website development, and it is simply easier to combine them as a single role, cal

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